Ranged Weapons

Guns are like composite bows crossed with crossbows. Like composite bows, many guns, particularly of a large caliber, require a minimum strength score to use. Like a cross bow, it requires loading and ammunition in a similar manner, and can hold a different number of shots before requiring a reload.

When using a pistol, firing with a free hand, thereby using both hands to fire, grants you a x2 to your strength in order to meet the necessary strength bonus. If your bonus is 0, it becomes +1 when using two hands.
-: All damage types listed with a dash can be either made as an Beam or a ballistic weapon at the same price.
(For Image of weapons: http://test.fireflyrpg.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/serenity-pistols.pdf)

Neotech Derringer: This gun is a Tiny weapon designed to be concealable,, granting it a +6 total to concealment.

PX5 Pistol: On top of the ballistic shot, the bullets also create sharp vibration that deals sonic damage. The sonic damage ignores armor, so if the attack is above the touch AC but below the Armor AC, it still deals the sonic damage.

SG78 Slugger: The gun can also be loaded with any single grenade and fired as a normal shot. Loading a grenade and a clip cannot be done as the same action.

TK78c Powermaster: On criticals the powermaster causes the target to be stunned for 1d2 rounds.

Decker Laser Pistol: As this gun is an experimental weapon, even with the appropriate funding obtaining the weapon is difficult, and thus it cannot be found in any normal gun shop. The weapon also deals half damage to any enemy behind the first target hit.

BR4 Sonic Pistol: When hit with the weapon the person must make a Fortitude save (Base DC 15) or be stunned for 1d2 rounds.

Kel-tec Boar: This gun is tiny and made to be concealed, so it gets a +6 total.

Whisper SMG: The silencer must be removed or the weapon is treated as a medium weapon for the purpose to attempting to conceal it. Removing or adding the suppressor is a move action. Without the suppressor the gun loses it’s increased crate range and requires an Str of +1.

Evangelista 48sx: THe secondary function of the shot surrounds the bullet in Beam. The attack roll is made the same, but the ballistic and Melee damage are made against the two different armors. For instance, if you rolled a 12 to hit with the gun and had an attack bonus of 6, your total roll is 18. Let’s say the opponent has a +2 Dex mod, and his armor gives a +2 to physical and a +7 to Beam. In this case, the bullet damage huts, but the Beam damage fails.

Light Antitank Pistol: The LAP is a disposable, one-shot gun. It is collapsable into a small sized object, and must be unfolded to be fired (Move action.) With a successful hit, which must be 20ft away or more, lest the rocket does not arm, deals 10d6 points of damage to all creatures in 20ft (18 Ref to half.) It also bypasses 10 hardness when used against a building, vehicle, or object.

-: All damage types listed with a dash can be either made as an Beam or a ballistic weapon at the same price.
(For Images: http://test.fireflyrpg.com/wp-content/shipzips/serenity-rifles.pdf)

KS50 Lightweight: Due to being made out of carbon fiber, the Lightweight does not react to spells that target metal, nor is it detected by metal detectors and other such methods.

Iskellian X40: As a Move action, the user can select a target within his sight to gain a +2 to attack and damage until the target is eliminated. Firing at any other target, however, requires a move action to un-target.

Commando CM 30: Firing the sniper past the first range increment requires the user to use a full-action for every shot, otherwise it can be fired at as an standard action at a -5

Iskellian Thumper: The bullets are half-Beam half-ballistic, if the attack with it surpassed both ACs, it does full damage, if it is between the two, it does half damage, if it is less than both it misses.

Mauler Electric-M: The Mauler can fire and deal 3d6 damage if it uses two shots worth of ammo in the clip at a time.

Martinson .22d: The gun has two barrels that it alternates firing from, so the damage switches between a 2d6 and a 3d6.

Justice Arms Porthos-4: The Porthos-4 can carry an extra clip that it automatically reloads with when the main clip is out. Reloading either clip is a move action, and reloading both is a full-round action.

Gauss Rifle: When the Gauss Rifle strikes a piece of digital technology, like a robot or power armor, it must make a Fort Save of DC 10+damage dealt or become nonfunctional for 1d3 rounds.

Throwback Rifle: When struck with the throwback Rifle, the target is pushed 20ft if they are medium, +10 for every category smaller, and -10 for every category larger (min 0 for no effect.) You only take full damage if you strike an object perpendicular to your motion, and half for not.

Disintegrator: Resembling a laser rifle, a disintegrator fires a micro-singularity that obliterates the target’s molecular structure on impact. Any living creature killed by the weapon completely disintegrates. Objects and nonliving creatures (including robots) reduced to 0 hit points by the weapon are likewise disintegrated.
Disintegrators do not use ammunition, but are instead powered by 2 lb. special power packs that allow 10 shots each. (60 gold each)

Ranged Weapons

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