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Purchasing and Floyd

Because the Setting is set in Dragonstar, I’ve changed certain things about the world, and there are certain things I did not mention, missed, or left open. Things like feats and the classes created by Dragonstar are among these things. So you can adapt things you feel should still be brought over from dragonstar, I’ll put as many resources pertaining to Dragonstar Here.
Dragonstar Player’s Companion
Starfarer Handbook
Wiki site with a lot of the system aspects of Dragonstar
Think of this one as the “Player’s Handbook” of the campaign.

Lotsa d20 modern stuff

Anything from d20, except for weapon and armor stats, can be used in the campaign. Talk to Ray for converting them, cause some of the things don’t move over directly, but he knows how to make them. As far as prices go, I created this table showing the price of items (very roughly, it may need to be scaled up or down) based on the “purchase DC.”

Main Page

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