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Welcome to side campaign!

For those of you who were invited and do not know what this is, this is sort of a side project and campaign I’ve decided to create. The plan is for this campaign to be a forum based, futuristic and Firefly-esque campaign that can be taken in stride due to the lax nature of forum role-playing.It’s free to whoever wants to participate. If you do, simply create a character sheet for yourself, you don’t have to fill out any info yet, and I’ll contact you to get the forum stuff arranged. If you want to join, you’ll also need to make an account on the website Gaia Online, which is easy and free, so that should be easy enough.

For those of you who want to get more familiar with the setting, the wiki has both some summaries of the setting, and all the in-depth info.

I now have the Gaia Guild where we will hold the RP up and ready, everyone is wants to participate should create a Gaia account and add Rayxzero2 as a friend, I will then invite you to the guild. People can join whenever, since not all characters have to be ready, and characters can join whenever.

For those of you ready or pondering the entrance of your character, here is the beginning of the campaign’s setting. This post will also be up in the Gaia Guild.

A jungle, bustling underneath a sky illuminated by two bright lights and one incredibly large moon, suddenly begins to cower away from a clearing. The trees bend away, as if trying to drag their rigid structures from some impending doom. Birds, insects, and all varieties of strange fauna explode from hiding and flee. A large shadow falls over the gap, till a metallic beast softly rests it’s legs upon the ripped up foliage. Folding out like a switch-blade, a walkway slams onto the ground, not quite as gracefully as the ship had a few seconds ago, and a scruffy-looking man, wearing a faux-leather outfit with black sleeves and legs, a true-leather cowboy hat, and orange-lensed goggles connected to red-headphones steps out onto the dirt, eyeing the surrounding area with a look of disinterest. Looking over his shoulder, he nods, and the ship withdraws it’s walkway and immediately takes off, leaving the man standing in the field.

Closing his eyes, finishing the last of a hand-rolled cigarette, and tossing it to the side, the man holds his brass-colored robotic arm out and moves it as if stretching a sore muscle, bending the fingers into funny positions, creating a fist, and opening his hand. After a minute of meticulous examination, his hand dives to his belt and pulls up a rustic pistol. He scoffs, putting the gun back at his belt, and repeats the action with his human arm, drawing it at an alarmingly greater speed. Giving the scoped pistol an awkward grin, he places the gun back at his hip and begins walking forward into the jungle. All is quiet.

Welcome to Dragonstar. Welcome to the beginning of a story full of uncertainty, mixed ideals, and questionable morals. Welcome to Evverus. It is but one of many hundreds of planets that exist on the border of the Empire. Just far enough to live on under its own rule, just close enough to be involved with Dragonstar. Anyone who has lived in the Empire long enough knows that it’s independent days are numbered. Evverus is simply an average planet, inhabited by average elves, rotating a rather normal sun. The planet is special in one way though. YOU are there, or, perhaps, will be shortly.

On the surface, the planet is simply an uncolonized home for its native elven population. Pets and servants of the empire are aware of this much. In the eyes of the lawful and uninformed, the planet is simply next on the list of those that need clearing before it can be of any use. To the simply uninformed, it holds a potential for escape from the overwhelming politics and stress of everyday life, even a possible escape from the empire, if only briefly. To those with a criminal record or a less than legitimate supplier of information, the planet is a black-market, gang hideout, and safe-house for resistance. Underneath the planet’s forests lie miles and miles of caves and tunnels, a place where an underworld of refugees, pirates, and freedom-fighter thrives. Though the company may be unruly, all who work in the hidden sector know the man walking by him is an ally. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

But our newly arrived friend is oblivious to the world beneath his feet. He knows not of the legions of cutthroats that exist in swarms only a few hundred feet away, he only has eyes for the surface, and his eyes were staring long and hard at only one thing: the head of a hide-clad elven native who innocently guiding a herd of bizarre goat-like creatures down a trail he believes is safe. Watching the elf through the bobbing scope of his gun, the man gives a maniacal grin as the blood in his veins pumps quickly in anticipation. He lets out a deep sigh as he pulls the trigger back, whispering under his steadying breath. “One point.”

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