Basic Ammo
Normal, non-automatic, pistol ammo costs 40 gold for a pack of 20.
Ammo for automatic weapons cost 40 gold for a pack of 50 bullets.

The weight of ammo depends on the damage it does.

Weight per Number of Rounds
Damage 10 20 30 40 50 100
2d4 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.5lb
2d6 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.0lb 2.0lb
2d8 0.5lb 0.5lb 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.0lb 2.0lb
3d6 0.5lb 1.0lb 1.0lb 1.5lb 1.5lb 3.0lb
3d8 1.0lb 2.0lb 3.0lb 4.0lb 5.0lb 10.0lb

Energy weapons do not use bullets, but a universal energy pack has 50 shots that costs 70 Gold, and weighs 1 lb.

Special Ballistic Ammo Types:

Bio-Agent: Unfortunately for its victims, biological warfare continues to be a common part of combat even in the Fusion Age. Bio-agent ammunition is a logical extension of previous military tactics with regards to biological warfare.

Bio-agent ammunition contains a miniscule amount of a biological weapon inside an insulated chamber within each round. Use of bio-agent ammunition causes a –1 penalty to damage. However, any living creature damaged by the round is injected with a poisonous bio-agent with effects identical to cyanogen gas.

Save DC: 19
Initial Damage: 1d4 Dex
Secondary Damage: 2d4 Con
Time For 2nd to kick in: 8 Hr
Price: 140 GP for 20

Deflecting: Deflecting ammunition creates a gravity deflection field that causes the bullets to bounce off walls. When used properly, deflecting ammunition can be bounced around any barrier, around corners, underneath vehicles, and so forth for maximum penetration potential.

Any character using deflecting ammunition immediately gains the benefit of the Skip Shot feat.
Price: 140 GP for 20

Plasma-Coated: Consisting of an armor-piercing round enveloped in superheated plasma, this type of ammunition reduces the Defense bonus provided by armor by 2, to a minimum of +1. Half of the damage it deals is fire damage, and half of the damage is ballistic damage.
Price: 180 GP for 20

Seeker: Each round of seeker ammunition contains a microscopic computer and gravity-bending generators. When seeking ammunition leaves the chamber, it immediately detects the distance to its current target. If that target moves, the gravity generators nudge the bullet into a new trajectory to intercept its target at its new location. Seeking ammunition grants a +1 bonus on all ranged attacks.
Price: 330 GP for 20


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