In a Sea of Stars

Crayn, The Planet of Rebirth

DM: Matt

The crew landed in Ceris, a city on Crayn, and were met by a very angry goblin that tried to wave them away. Marros knew the goblin, but was still denied access. With a little intimidation from Slyrin, the goblin revealed that the Iron Hammers (a powerful outerlands Guild) was spying on the Ring of the Labyrinth (a smaller merc group Marros is affiliated with). Having the permission to park, the group entered the market, but split up to do some shopping. Marros also goes to look for work with the R.o.t.L., while Mella learns what she can about both the Ring and the Iron Hammers.

Eventually, the group meets up again in an inn, the Sleeping Fox. Marros tells the group that he has picked up a job to investigate a local bandit group. Tensions escalate between Slyrin, who relishes the chance to kill more elves, and Mahko, who expresses religious concerns about being contracted to kill again. Eventually the whole group agrees on the job. After Mella reveals her concerns about Slyrin to Marros, the group heads out.

During the trip, the gang is ambushed on the road. Thought they initially believe they have found their bandits, the ambushers reveal themselves to be members of the Resistance that is fighting the Dragon Empire. They declare that they plan to eliminate the bandits in order to garner more local support. Despite a rehashing of the earlier tension between Slyrin and Mahko, the group continues on, leaving the Resistance in the dust.

The group soon arrives at the crater that holds their targets. After some planning, the group splits up. Mella and Lenis run an initial fly-over, while Mahko descends into the crater in preparation for the infiltration. When Mella and Lenis return, Lenis flies Marros to a support on the aqueduct, where Marros takes out an enemy sniper. Slyrin takes up a post on the top of the aqueduct, while Mella and Lenis descend into the crater.

With everyone in position, Mella distracts the guards while Mahko moves to knock one out. Though he messes it up, Mella and Slyrin work together to cover him, allowing Mahko to pull the guard to his hiding place with Mella and Lenis. As Mella prepares to enter the unconscious guard’s mind, Mahko takes on the guard’s appearance and takes his place to gather more information. Deciding to work from his post, Slyrin begins to triangulate the position of any other communicators.

Uh… THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT! (In other words, we skipped the fight. People died, just not us.)

Following the success of the mission, the team returns to the city. Mahko departs to partake in drink, while Marros collects the payment and a potential ally. Meanwhile, Slyrin listens to Mella’s story in exchange for shopping help. After a brief meeting with Marros, the trio goes shopping. Marros then guides the new guy Floyd and Giselle to the Sleeping Fox while Mella and Slyrin return to the Firefly with their purchases. However, once on board, they discover some dark magic has begun working on Dirk.

Investigation turns up little information, so the team agrees to quarantine Dirk. Mahko arrives in time to direct Dirk to a cryo tube instead, then argues with Slyrin about their next course of action: Slyrin wants to make a dangerous trip to acquire a stardrive for the Firefly, while Mahko knows of a doctor that could save Dirk. Their talks grow heated while Mella probes Dirk’s mind to discover the influence of a dark god. When she reveals this fact, Slyrin threatens to throw everyone but Mella and Lenis off of the ship. Near-violence ensues, but Slyrin eventually backs down.

Mahko lends Mella his payment from the job as collateral for his and Dirk’s continued ride. Marros, however, expresses a desire to leave. With some prodding from Mella, Slyrin takes off with Marros still aboard, but the half-elf manages to slip off. He is left on Crayn as the rest of the team heads for the rumored stardrive.


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