System Changes


As weapons progressed, the protection against it had to catch up. In the beginning of the dominance of guns, bullet proof vests became more and more advanced and light. By the end of the dominance of bullets, bullet-proof armor became exceedingly effective. As the laser weapons rose, new armor had to be developed against the strange new threat. During this time the bullet weapons became nearly obsolete, as everything was braced against bullets and the like, but as armor came to compensate against lasers, something strange occurred. Bullets became effective again. The armor become thin and pliable, absorbing and redirecting the energy of the lasers, but as it did this bullets could easily pass through the laser proof armor. Today, armor has developed into a hybrid of the two, making defense a difficult matter. All armor has two AC scores now, Laser and Physical. Laser applies only to energy weapons and the like, while physical applies to both melee and bullets. Both ACs still add magical mods, Dex mods, and natural armor (Only heroic character’s natural armor applies to lasers.) Shields and Armor both have two different mods.


Guns and Melee weapons have both become very powerful. That’s too bad for magic, since its damage hasn’t gone up any. Let’s fix that. In this campaign, add youyr primary ability mod to magic damage, as well as the spell level. Also make any damage dice 1 dice larger, so increase that 3d6 level 2 spell to 3d8+2. Yay! magic is more powerful too!

Skills: The Skills Pilot (Dex) and Use Computer (Int) are now skills available to those who seem appropriate.

Vehicle Rules -This page gives rules for the vehicles, not the stats

Computer Use Rules

System Changes

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