The Dragonstar Universe

Sitting in an open field, Vell looks up at the sky and sighs. Sitting up, he pulls a map full of Xs, and adds another. “No work in the last village either…” Shaking his head, he folds the map back up and falls to his back. Lifting his sheathed sword above his hid and pulling the blade out just enough to see the fire glint off of it, he closes his eyes and mumbles to himself.

Lighting a cigarette, a halfling thousands of lightyears away is pre-filling the clips of her pistol in preparation for her travel through the abandoned mine in front of her. She grins and turns the safety off.

Sitting atop a tower, a bright blue spell circle rotates above the head or a think elf in dark blue robes. Releasing a haze of blue from his hand, the sky quickly darkens and a light drizzle begins. Turning around, the mage speaks to a rich looking human. “Your crops should have no problems this month.” The man bows and replies, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

Almost instantaneously, all three look up at the sky above them as a large metallic object flies through the sky, suddenly stopping just before it hits the ground. A bright, unnatural light shines from the bottom of the object, and a swarm of metallic creatures swarm out, like iron golems. The small army begins charging towards the nearest town, quickly eradicating it. The force is nearly unstoppable, and fight like nothing the people have ever seen before.

This is how many a planet learn of the universal empire that exists beyond the their tiny planet.

Dragonstar is a futuristic magic-meets-machine campaign setting created by Fantasy Flight Games for Wizards of the Coast’s D20 role-playing game system. The setting describes a galaxy under the dominion of the Dragon Empire. The Dragon Empire is a huge bureaucracy, ruled over by the ten houses of dragons, five chromatic and five metallic, led by Mezzenbone, a red dragon of immense might and evil disposition, who sometimes travels on board The Maleficant, one of the few remaining immense Dreadnought class warship spacecraft.

Across the galaxy, the same fantasy races are found to inhabit countless worlds, sometimes living in great technological civilizations or magically advanced medieval cultures. When the inhabitants of many of these worlds took to the stars by magic or machine (usually both), they were amazed by their similarities. Even their languages were the same, although different dialects had evolved on the various worlds. Both scientists and archmages alike tried to come up with a logical explanation of why most worlds were almost the same, but they were stumped. Eventually, a predominant religious leader of unknown origin emerged and proposed that all the gods of every religion were the same, just different aspects of the twelve “True Gods” and their hybrid faith

Star Systems

I also have, what we will call, the long-form description, as per the book “Starfarer’s Guidebook.” It very nicely explains the overall setting.

Long-Form Guide


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