In a Sea of Stars

Space, Part 1: Evverus to Vlagstolf

DM: Ryan

Taking off from Evverus, most of the crew finds space in their new home: Dirk in a passenger room, Marros in crew quarters, Slyrin in the captain’s quarters, Mella in the engine room, Lenis in the cargo bay, and Giselle in the infirmary.

Slyrin takes care to avoid contact for most of the journey, except when approached by Mella and Dirk. He spends his time improving his bullets and keeping an eye on the ship’s inhabitants.

Dirk discovers a love for cooking and a curiosity for chess as he interacts with the crew. He is eager, but also naive. He spends the beginning of the trip with Mella and Lenis, playing chess.

Marros gets to know the crew, but still prefers to spend his time either alone or in the infirmary with Giselle.

Mella reminisces about her last visit to Vlagstolf, but otherwise chooses to be with Lenis. Similarly, Lenis spends most of his time with Mella, though also enjoys the relaxed company of Dirk and Marros at meals.

The trip becomes interesting when an escape pod embeds itself in the side of the Firefly, dumping a disoriented and babbling Kuronagi Arix into the cargo bay. Most of the group is startled by the newcomer and rush to help him, while Slyrin seals himself into the cargo bay to prevent any further damage to the ship’s hull. Kuronagi recovers, but continues his incomprehensible babble as he discovers his own amnesia.

That night, Mella infiltrates Marros’s dreams. She sees a scene from Marros’s happier days, then views a slideshow of Marros’s life in pictures, up to the shot that changed his life.

The next day, the crew lands on Vlagstolf, though they do not meet a warm welcome…

Evverus, The Verdant Beginning

I know the entire campaign is written out in text, but this is just to get a basic overview of what happened on each planet, should this campaign last us for our whole college careers or beyond.

DM: Ryan

Evverus was the planet that served as the meeting place for our motley crew. It’s surface is a dense forest, populated with elves, while below the surface, a thriving black market operates in an elaborate tunnel system.

Slyrin came to the planet hunting elves, then stumbled upon an advanced stronghold in the woods. Thinking there could be valuable weapons or intel inside, he slaughtered the guards and broke into the facility. As a sadistic afterthought, Slyrin blows up the elevator from the surface into the heart of the compound, trapping himself and his prey.

Some distance away, Dirk and Marros both traveled to the marketplace to kill Kvar, a local slave trader, though for different reasons: Dirk was sent on a mission by the Varden, and Marros was hired by a girl named Giselle. Marros succeeded, only to discover that he had killed a double. The two met and fought off the slaver’s mercenaries, only to see the real Kvar ride away on a motorcycle.

Slyrin investigated the facility and he found Mella being held captive. Slyrin freed her, only for the two to be attacked by Kvar’s men. They fought back and won, then found Giselle, Marros’s employer, in the next room. She enlisted the others’ help in killing Kvar. After fighting a few more guards, they take a lift to the hallway outside Kvar’s office. Mella summons Lenis and the few guards here are quickly disposed of.

Marros and Dirk chase Kvar, and they too find the compound, but the elevator has been sabotaged. They find a ladder that enters the facility, but almost immediately run into guards themselves. They dispatch of them, then find the back door to Kvar’s main office.

As if by some strange divine (DM) intervention, both groups burst into the room where Kvar is hiding. They work together to kill him, though Slyrin takes the time to nearly kill Marros in the process. After a few tense words, they all agree to escape using the Firefly that Slyrin claimed on the way in. The group escapes Evverus, but not before learning that Marros and Dirk are now wanted for the killing of Kvar.


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