Frozen Suns Greataxe

A flaming greataxe

weapon (melee)

The greataxe is emblazoned with the emblem of the Frozen Suns.

2d8 damage; fire effects can be activated for 1d4 additional fire damage. The axe currently had fuel enough for 5 more strikes. Tanks of fuel can be bought for 5 GP per tank, and one tank holds fuel enough for five fire attacks.

Weight: 14 lbs.


On Vlagstolf, Dirk and Marros took on a group of Frozen Suns mercs, lead by an orc wielding a fearsome axe. Dirk picked it up, but wasn’t completely taken by it. The axe is currently in Dirk’s drawer, though it will be moved to the armory if Slyrin ever opens it.

Or… maybe Dirk LIKES his collection of boss weapons…

Frozen Suns Greataxe

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