In a Sea of Stars

Vlagstolf, The Frozen Ore

DM: Liv (briefly Nolan)

The group arrives at Vlagstolf, a supposed drop-off for Dirk, Marros, and Kuronagi. However, soon after arriving it becomes clear that other plans have been made. The crew is ambushed by Empire forces that Slyrin tipped off, though they betray their mole by ordering that Slyrin, Dirk, and Marros turn themselves in. Dirk, Marros, Lenis, and Kuronagi fight off the soldiers as Mella and Slyrin manage to pull the Firefly out of the Empire’s clutches. The ship crash-lands some distance away, but sustains little damage and the crew is unharmed.

Picking themselves up, Mella goes into the markets of Vlagstolf with Dirk and Marros to find a replacement part for the engine (which was broken in the escape plan). They find the shop of an old acquaintance of Mella’s – or rather, the daughter of an old acquaintance. They ask for her help, as they need to gain entrance to the underground black market. She finally agrees, which prompts Dirk to contact the Varden. Failing to use the conventional entrance, the trio finds an alternate path through the sewers and heads for the underground. In the tunnels, they force a man to give them access to the tunnels, but are attacked by metallic slimes on the way there. They easily dispose of the beasts.

Back at the Firefly, there is no rest for the wicked as Slyrin must deal with Kuronagi-gone-Mr.-Hyde. Despite the twitchy man’s monstrous form, Slyrin puts him down easily. But soon thereafter, Slyrin is met with Frozen Suns gang members investigating the crash. They fight, but Slyrin easily defeats them. He scares a survivor into warding off any further suspicion, then warns the other three that Frozen Suns are headed toward the market.

Receiving Slyrin’s message, Dirk and Marros wait outside as Mella goes looking in the market for the part. However, Frozen Suns members soon show up, forcing Marros and Dirk into a swift but bloody fight. Once the mercenaries are dead, the pair enters the market, where Marros saves Mella from mysterious attackers. Finding the necessary part, the trio flees back to the ship, only to be ambushed by Varden members. Dirk is excommunicated, but the assailants are easily stopped. As Dirk begins to descend into depression, a third assassin appears, but quickly moves to help the group, revealing himself to be an old friend of Dirk’s.

With Mahko’s help, the now-four return to the Firefly. Though Mahko initially hides his boarding from Slyrin, he approaches the pilot and secures passage as Dirk’s friend. As Mahko formally meets the gang, Mella installs the drive core into the engine and Slyrin wastes no time taking off from Vlagstolf.


Rayxzerox Aurion819

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