In a Sea of Stars

Space, Episode 2: Vlagstolf to Crayn

DM: Matt

On the journey to Crayn to find work, Mahko takes time to get to know everyone on the crew (with the exception of Slyrin). He shares his story with Marros, and learns his in return. He apologizes to Giselle for hitting on her, then meets Lenis. After emotional moments and the revelation of some secrets surrounding the summoning siblings (with intermittent humor), Mahko, Mella, Lenis, and Marros (who walks in halfway through) all make a pact to protect each other.

A few nights later, Mella succeeds in infiltrating Slyrin’s dreams… or maybe “nightmares” is a better word. After several terribly and horrifying scenes, Mella discovers that Slyrin is being either possessed or influenced by a dark and terrible presence, somehow related to his gun.

Dirk spends the journey in a deep depression, rarely leaving the room even to eat.

When they reach Crayn, Lenis is finally successful in achieving human form.


Rayxzerox Aurion819

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