In a Sea of Stars

Space, Part 1: Evverus to Vlagstolf

DM: Ryan

Taking off from Evverus, most of the crew finds space in their new home: Dirk in a passenger room, Marros in crew quarters, Slyrin in the captain’s quarters, Mella in the engine room, Lenis in the cargo bay, and Giselle in the infirmary.

Slyrin takes care to avoid contact for most of the journey, except when approached by Mella and Dirk. He spends his time improving his bullets and keeping an eye on the ship’s inhabitants.

Dirk discovers a love for cooking and a curiosity for chess as he interacts with the crew. He is eager, but also naive. He spends the beginning of the trip with Mella and Lenis, playing chess.

Marros gets to know the crew, but still prefers to spend his time either alone or in the infirmary with Giselle.

Mella reminisces about her last visit to Vlagstolf, but otherwise chooses to be with Lenis. Similarly, Lenis spends most of his time with Mella, though also enjoys the relaxed company of Dirk and Marros at meals.

The trip becomes interesting when an escape pod embeds itself in the side of the Firefly, dumping a disoriented and babbling Kuronagi Arix into the cargo bay. Most of the group is startled by the newcomer and rush to help him, while Slyrin seals himself into the cargo bay to prevent any further damage to the ship’s hull. Kuronagi recovers, but continues his incomprehensible babble as he discovers his own amnesia.

That night, Mella infiltrates Marros’s dreams. She sees a scene from Marros’s happier days, then views a slideshow of Marros’s life in pictures, up to the shot that changed his life.

The next day, the crew lands on Vlagstolf, though they do not meet a warm welcome…


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